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Class 5 (GDL)    |    Class 5 Advanced    |    Class 7 (Learner’s)    |    Class 6 (Motorcycle)
The first step in getting your driver’s licence is getting your learner’s licence. To get an Alberta Learners Licence you need to take a knowledge test, which you can take at any of our locations. You will take your exam on a computer, and we have some study resources below to help you prepare!


When you’re ready to write your Class 7 Learner’s Exam, come into any AMA centre.

There will be a total of 30 questions. To pass, you must get 25 questions correct. If you get six questions wrong, then you’ll have to come back another day to write the test again. You can continue to write daily until you pass.

If you wear glasses, please bring them with you for your vision test.

Cost: $17.60   |   Cost for special requests (oral or translated tests, and audio): $31.50



We have a few resources you can use to get ready to write your exam.

Hit the Book
The first thing we recommend you do is download a copy of the  Alberta Driver’s Handbook and study, study, study. The questions on your test will be taken from content in this handbook, so make sure you read it.
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Test Yourself
Once you’ve read through the handbook, you’ll want to test yourself. Try our Amalfi Women's Orazio Slip Taupe On grgqn4SZTR or download our free Learner’s Licence Practice Exam app for your  iPhone or  Android.
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No matter which you use, they are great resources that you can work through multiple times to test your knowledge. You’ll get a feel for the types of questions you’ll be asked when you write the exam for real.
Link Red Forever Sandals Lady Passion Dress 86 Take an Online Course
Online Learner’s Licence Prep Course: If you need help studying, this 90-minute course is available to AMA members for $9.99 or non-members for $19.99.
New Driver Online Classroom Lessons: If you’re having trouble passing your learners exam, start with this online only course first to learn the rules of the road and essential basic manoeuvres. You can always upgrade later to one of our other courses.
Practice Your Driving
Congratulations…you passed your exam. Now you need some practice. Start learning good driving habits by taking one our  Footwear Collegiate Men's Collegiate White Ease Up Lace Burgundy Adi Burgundy Sneaker adidas qa8wRB7xw.
You’ll have at least a year to practice because Alberta’s  Graduated Driver Licensing Program requires all new drivers, regardless of age, to complete one year as a learner before they can take the road test and start driving on their own.


As you are classified as a new driver, there are some important legal restrictions on your driving:
  • When practicing, you must have someone that is:
    • over 18
    • holds a valid class 5 (non-GDL) driver’s licence
    • sitting in the front passenger of the vehicle that you are driving
  • You cannot drive during the hours between 12:00am and 5:00am
  • You must have 0% alcohol levels when driving at all times
  • You cannot drive with more people than there are seat belts in your vehicle
  • You are allowed 7 demerit points before receiving a suspension of your licence


Alberta has a 3-stage Graduated Driver’s Licence program for new drivers. New drivers progress from earning their Learners Permit, to the Class 5 Basic licence, to the Class 5 Advanced licence.

With your Class 5 licence you can drive personal vehicles such as cars, vans, light trucks, 2-axle motorhomes or RVs. No matter what you’re driving, AMA is here to support you!

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AMA Membership

Become an AMA member – with membership you get all the benefits and support of one of the most trusted and reliable road and travel organizations!


You’ve spent time behind the wheel practicing good habits and building your confidence. Now it’s time to take the final step in your driving journey.

Our road tests are provided by Government certified independent driver examiners.

Driver Training

Whether a new driver or a professional driver, we offer the best driver training programs in the province. We have been doing driver and advanced driver training for over 80 years and are exceptionally proud of helping create safe and confident drivers.

Driver Training & Education Professional Driver Training & Education Advanced Drivers Skills Training

AMA Membership: Become an AMA member – with membership you get all the benefits and support of one of the most trusted and reliable road and travel organizations!

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